Optimum Nutrition® AMIN.O. Energy Sparkling Provides Energy & Hydration for Summer Fridays and Beyond

Survey results show young Americans are getting a jump start on the weekend, and looking for an energy-boosting beverage to fuel their fun

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- For many Americans, Friday, June 3, marked the first of a series of "Summer Fridays" – hours-adjusted workdays designed to encourage work-life balance in a season known for warmer weather, physically active lifestyles, social events and travel. Sharing new survey results and working with an influential voice for young professionals, leading performance nutrition brand Optimum Nutrition® speaks out on the need to stay energized and hydrated with Optimum Nutrition AMIN.O. Energy Sparkling for everywhere the longer summer days lead us.

"Summer Friday is more than just a day of the week, it's an attitude," said Jim Hogan, brand director for Optimum Nutrition. "People are ready to seize the day and get active. Unfortunately, survey results show we're not always physically ready to take full advantage of the 'bonus' time – that's when our AMIN.O. Energy beverage can be a gamechanger."

In a recent survey of full-time employed Americans ages 18-42, Optimum Nutrition found that:

  • 86% of respondents take advantage of Summer Fridays, even if they have a lot of work on their plate.
  • Most want to use that time for physical activities, including running, walking or biking (46%,) working out at the gym or at home (32%,) or playing recreational sports like golf (17%.)
  • Others say they want to hit the road early for weekend travel (52%,) or head to the beach or pool (37%.) And 71% of parents say they want to have some fun with the kids.


  • More than half of respondents report being physically tired on Fridays, reporting their lowest energy levels between lunchtime and the end of the workday.
  • 36% say they are emotionally drained at the end of the week.
  • In fact, 62% (and 66% of Gen Z workers) say they've cancelled Friday plans because they are tapped out by the end of the workweek.

"It may surprise some people to hear that even Gen Z professionals are feeling worn out," said the influencer known as Corporate Natalie (who prefers not to disclose her full name for privacy purposes.) "The fact is, as much as younger workers try to prioritize work-life balance, we're not always feeling up to the 'life' part at the end of a long workweek. We're looking for functional beverage options to help fuel our summer fun."

Optimum Nutrition is working with Corporate Natalie, who has nearly 800,000 followers of her frequently humorous work-life takes on TikTok and Instagram, to spread the word about its AMIN.O. Energy Sparkling ready-to-drink beverage as a go-to solution for summer energy and hydration.

"Energy drinks really came to mainstream popularity with the millennial generation," added Natalie. "We've become accustomed to reaching for beverages to address energy needs, but we also are conscious about what we're putting in our bodies, and even how our drink choices reflect our personalities."

Optimum Nutrition survey results show nearly all respondents (96%) turn to beverages for energy. More than half (61%) say they are mindful of what their drink choices at work say about them. Three quarters say they prefer to drink beverages with nutritional benefits, and 59% are looking for non-alcoholic energy drinks for socializing.

Optimum Nutrition AMIN.O. Energy Sparkling ready-to-drink beverage is a refreshing combination of naturally-sourced caffeine from coffee beans and tea leaf extract, amino acids and electrolytes. The effervescent, low-calorie beverage – which comes in sleek, colorful cans – delivers energy and hydration with zero sugars and no artificial colors. One can of AMIN.O. Energy Sparkling delivers about the same amount of caffeine as an eight ounce cup of coffee (100 grams), amino acids water and electrolytes that help keep the body hydrated.

Through the survey, respondents reported that they are more keenly aware of their hydration levels since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic – stats showed an increase of 11% for general awareness and a 13% increase in those saying they are "extremely aware" since the pandemic began.

"As temperatures go up, as they often do in summer, it becomes increasingly important to replace fluids and electrolytes that can be lost in sweat," said Hogan. "Staying well-hydrated is a component of staying energized for any summer activity – from exercising to socializing or road-tripping."

"Optimum Nutrition AMIN.O. Energy will be my go-to drink this summer," said Corporate Natalie. "The fruity flavors and bubbles make me feel like I'm treating myself, and the ingredients deliver the energy and hydration I need to get the most from my Summer Fridays, or any day."

AMIN.O. Energy Sparkling comes in a variety of flavors including Blueberry Lemonade, Mango Pineapple Limeade, Juicy Strawberry, Orange Blast and more. The beverage is conveniently available by the case online and in-store, or in individual servings on shelf or from the cooler at many popular grocery and convenience stores. For more information on AMIN.O. Energy Sparkling from Optimum Nutrition and other products, visit?


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Survey Methodology

Research firm Material conducted the online survey of 1,020 representative American adults, ages 18-42, for Optimum Nutrition in May. For additional survey statistics, contact [email protected].

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