QUINCY, Ill., Sept. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Phibro announces it has improved its OmniGen-AF nutritional specialty product to optimize its mixing and handling characteristics when used in feed manufacturing systems and on-farm mixing. Phibro’s team of engineering and manufacturing experts have successfully designed and implemented a new proprietary manufacturing process for OmniGen-AF, after several years of development. OmniGen-AF is well known to the global dairy industry as a research-proven product that helps support healthy immune function in dairy cows.

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«It’s been a long term goal of ours to improve the flow and mixing characteristics of OmniGen-AF,» said Rod Isham, Phibro’s Product Director for OmniGen-AF. «Our team built a unique process to create a granular product, improving followability and greatly reducing dustiness. We also went to great lengths to ensure the granular form meets our stringent product efficacy requirements through Phibro’s Dynamic Quality Assurance® program and our proprietary validation testing.»

«Because of the new granular form, we were able to make significant improvements to the packaging,» said Isham. «We are now able to use a durable, poly-woven, water-tight bag with a paper overwrap. Our customers are very pleased with the improved, higher-quality shipping presentation. The product itself is more compressed and the overall bag size is smaller. The product fits very well on standard pallets.»

OmniGen-AF in granular form is available throughout North America and in select markets in Asia, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia, in 25 kg bags and 1,000 kg totes.

About Phibro Animal Health Corporation

Phibro Animal Health Corporation is a diversified global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of animal health and mineral nutrition products for use in the production of dairy, beef cattle, poultry, swine and aquaculture. For further information, please visit www.pahc.com.

About OmniGen-AF

OmniGen-AF is a unique, patented nutritional specialty product that is recommended to be fed to dry, pre-fresh and lactating dairy cattle. Feeding OmniGen-AF every day helps support a healthy immune function which may result in more productivity, fewer overall health events including fewer cases of mastitis and metritis, lower somatic cell counts and fewer unplanned culls. For more information visit www.TheOmniGenDifference.com



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