LAKE FOREST, Ill., May 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month and global heart health leader OMRON Healthcare, Inc., is issuing a national alert to remind Americans that knowing your blood pressure status is essential to managing risk for heart attack, stroke, and other health conditions, including increased risks associated with COVID-19 infection. The company also urged greater awareness and action to address hypertension in underserved communities where health disparities are factoring into higher risks and fatalities.

«Knowing your blood pressure, monitoring it regularly, and taking action to manage it if you are hypertensive, are essential actions to lowering your health risks,» said Ranndy Kellogg, president and CEO of OMRON Healthcare. «High blood pressure increases risk of heart attack and stroke as well as a range of other health conditions. Data increasingly shows high blood pressure as a factor in complications associated with COVID-19.1«

«Those health risks are deeply tied to long-standing health disparities in underserved communities across the country. In some communities, fatalities from stroke are 200 times higher than the national average.2 Bridging these disparities should be a top national priority. With our mission of Going for Zero heart attacks and strokes, we are committed to helping address those disparities and we urge more action to diagnose and treat hypertension in these communities,» said Kellogg.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), 103 million U.S. adults are in the hypertensive3 range and nearly 13 million of them are undiagnosed and may not be aware of their condition and the associated risks. U.S. national high blood pressure guidelines state that readings above 130/80 mmHg indicate the threshold for hypertension.3 Social determinants contribute to nearly 80 percent of a person’s health outcome4 and areas with limited access to healthcare, healthy food options, and health education are at the highest risk of heart attack, stroke and other health events.

Frederick Goodall, stroke survivor and influencer who writes the Mocha Man Style blog, says making regular blood pressure monitoring part of his weekly routine helped him make measurable strides in improving his heart health and reducing his health risks.

«A year ago, I survived a stroke and committed to monitoring my blood pressure weekly. It was through that monitoring and sharing data with my doctor that my AFib was diagnosed in addition to my hypertension. That diagnosis empowered me to work with my doctor on a treatment plan and motivated me to stay on it,» said Goodall.

«I’ve worked with OMRON on several heart health education initiatives that have focused on community outreach and addressing disparities, including participating in a 90 Day Blood Pressure Challenge to make regular monitoring a daily or weekly habit. That habit has helped me better understand my condition, stay on my heart medication, exercise more frequently, and reduce my alcohol consumption.»

«Within one month of healthy behavior change, I felt the difference and my cardiologist commended me for managing my condition and keeping things under control. Making these changes saved my life, and it all began with regular blood pressure monitoring,» said Goodall.

OMRON Healthcare is pursuing its Going for Zero mission – the elimination of heart attack and stroke – through innovative new blood pressure technology, digital heart health tools, and investment in public education to encourage heart-healthy behavior change. The company has redesigned its core line of blood pressure monitors, made rounds of blood pressure monitor donations to reach underserved communities, and has partnered with churches and the American Heart Association to conduct community outreach and blood pressure monitoring events.

OMRON continues to introduce technologically advanced products like HeartGuide, the first wearable blood pressure monitor, and Complete, the first blood pressure monitor with EKG capability in a single device. These innovations changed the perception of what a blood pressure monitor can be and transformed the global heart health marketplace. Ten OMRON blood pressure monitors, including Complete, were recently recognized in the first U.S. Validated Device Listing for blood pressure monitors, which was commissioned and released by the American Medical Association. The products meet the VDL criteria for validation of clinical accuracy, based on the independent review and acceptance of documentation submitted by the manufacturer.

«Monitoring your blood pressure is the single-most important habit to adopt to understand your risk of a cardiac event,» said Ajay Madhani, M.D., and hospitalist. «If you’re in the hypertensive range, there are now new digital tools that empower you to share your blood pressure data with your doctor. More data means more insights into your condition and can also mean smarter and more effective treatment plans.»

To learn more about OMRON Healthcare, the company’s Going for Zero mission, and its clinically accurate blood pressure monitors, please visit and follow OMRON Healthcare on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

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OMRON Healthcare, Inc., is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of personal heart health and wellness products. Its market-leading products include a full-range of home blood pressure monitors and pain management devices. Since OMRON invented its first blood pressure monitors more than 40 years ago, the company has been passionate about empowering people to take charge of their health at home through precise technology. OMRON is the number one doctor and pharmacist recommended brand of blood pressure monitors for home use. The company’s mission is Going for Zero, the elimination of heart attacks and strokes. For more information, visit

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