CHICAGO, Sept. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Phil Bellini, Kevin Nickell and Jason Schoepke have all separately cultivated successful companies over the past decade. Now they’re teaming up together to do it again. The trio’s new venture, TheAppShack, located in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, is an app incubator & marketer, with a twist. 

An Approachable Partner

«We started TheAppShack to allow people to pursue their dreams and remove their fears of attempting the unfamiliar journey of turning their idea into a viable technology application, while still allowing them to provide stability for their families through their existing employment,» says Phil Bellini, the company’s CEO.

This is where TheAppShack differentiates itself from other mobile app companies. «Yes, we have a few of our own ideas already in development, but we aim to nurture ideas and build successful businesses while partnering with people from all walks of life.»

Distribution Focus After Development

«There are some excellent incubator companies in the market built from the ground up around technology. Unfortunately, many products have been built with the end goal to launch a good functioning app into the market. We recognized this is only half of the journey,» says Jason Schoepke, TheAppShack’s COO.

«After a product is launched, it then needs to be supported with marketing, distribution and advertising strategies among others. Some of our greatest strengths and experiences have been in these disciplines. We will build and market proprietary apps and partner with other application companies with a strong technology focus.»

Giving Back 

Something else that sets TheAppShack apart is the desire to give back. CTO, Kevin Nickell, says «We believe that companies should not only be giving back to their communities but also to their users and customers that help them grow. This is the premise around one of the two major apps we have in development right now.»

TheAppShack hopes to release their initial two products at the end of the year. «We believe what we are working on has the potential to change the entire way app marketing and growth is approached,» said Schoepke.

Said Bellini, «We’re extremely excited for the launch of our initial products. Until then, we will be busy vetting the many great ideas that have been submitted, and, as of yet, remain untapped.»

TheAppShack: Unlocking Ideas

TheAppShack was founded by three entrepreneurs with a unified vision: nurture great ideas and grow them into reality. Built as an approachable destination for those ready to take the next step, it’s an incubator where solutions can be transformed from first principles into thriving businesses.

Armed with extensive industry experience and a desire to give back through our efforts, we are uniquely equipped to provide expert analysis and counsel on areas ranging from research, strategy, development, marketing, and execution. We’re here to help unlock your idea.

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