CHICAGO, May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ICEE®, America’s favorite frozen beverage, is hoping to leave a hot and sour taste on your tongue. The company, which is known for its unique flavors, is partnering with Warheads to add a sour and spicy twist to its lineup. ICEE® will highlight its new line of Warhead beverages at this month’s National Restaurant Association Convention in Chicago. The convention runs from May 19th – 22nd at the McCormick Center. 


ICEE® will challenge visitors to its booth (#9402 – South Hall) to try four of its newest flavors: ICEE® Warheads Watermelon, Warheads Hotheads Lava Lime, Warheads Hotheads Piping Hot Pineapple, and Warheads Hotheads Molten Mango.

ICEE® Warheads Watermelon has been called one of the world’s most sour experiences. The sour and tart flavor of the top selling Warheads candy is now a frozen drink! Warheads Hotheads Lava Lime is sour, then sweet, then comes the heat. It’s a sour and spicy flavor with a kick of lime!  Warheads Hotheads Piping Hot Pineapple and Warheads Hotheads Molten Mango also bring the heat with the taste of tropical pineapple or sour mango!

For an added twist, add Warheads candy mix-ins to your drink to create your own ICEE® dessert!

For those who prefer ICEE’s® iconic flavors, there will be more than 16 classic flavors available for sampling at the booth as well as Twisted Lemonade from the Twisted Chill by ICEE® line. Customers looking for something extra can add flavor shots that include Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon-Lime, Mango and many more.

For customers who are looking for a twist on their morning coffee, ICEE® has taken iced coffee to the next level by introducing the world’s first frozen nitro coffee machine. The Nitro Frozen Coffee beverage is infused with nitrogen to create a silky smooth, creamy texture without using dairy products. Customers can still add special flavor shots such as Mocha, Vanilla, Hazelnut and Irish Cream. You can also add fun toppings to make your beverage into a Twisted Chill Nitro Coffee Frozen Frappe with chocolate, whipped cream, sprinkles and more!

If you would like to take the Warhead Challenge or schedule an interview, please contact Natalie Peterson with The ICEE® Company at 847-313-5790.

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